KN95 | KF94 | FFP2 Protective Mask – 10/30/40 PACK – Most Popular


Certified KN95/ KF94/ FFP2 Disposable face mask in a pack of 10/30/40

  • Individually wrapped
  • 4 ply, Non-woven Melt blown filtering media
  • Electrostatically charged to attract fine particles
  • Flat fold/ Fish style design provides better face seal
  • Hypoallergenic inner layer to prevent skin irritation
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Laboratory Tested and official certificated           

Also known as P2 respirators, disposable N95/P2 respirators filter out very fine particles from the air and reduce the risk of transmitting airborne infectious diseases while working in or passing through potentially contaminated environments.



Disposable respirators, are subject to various regulatory standards around the world.

During pandemic or emergency situations, health authorities often reference these standards when making respirator recommendations, stating, for example, that certain populations should use an “N95, FFP2, or equivalent” respirator.

– Australia’s P2 standard,

– Korean KF94 standard,

– USA’s N95 Niosh standard,

Respirators certified as meeting any of these standards can be expected to function very similarly to one another.

You are buying certified KN95/KF94 Masks. The KN95/KF94 specifies that respirators filter performance is ≥ 95%/94%. Please see the comparison table by clicking here.

The KN95 face mask meets EN149:2001 or GB2626-2006 standard for respirators, the KF94 face mask meets KF94 standard for respirators. EN149:2001, GB2626-2006 and KF94 standard certified products are designed to protect against solids, water-based aerosols, and oil-based aerosols.

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KN95 – White – 10 PACK, KN95 – White – 40 PACK, KF94 – White – 30 Pack, KF94 – Dark Gray – 30 Pack